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Landscapes and Tectonics of the San Francisco Bay Area

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Want to get out into the field? This course will take you there. It's the Stanford Daily's #3 Recommended Class for fall quarter for 2019!

Fall Quarter

The course covers active faulting and erosion in the Bay Area, and its effects upon landscapes. Earth science concepts and skills through investigation of the valley, mountain, and coastal areas around Stanford.

Through field trips and hands-on experience, you'll see faulting associated with the San Andreas Fault, coastal processes along the San Mateo coast, uplift of the mountains by plate tectonic processes, and landsliding in urban and mountainous areas. Taught by Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences George Hilley. [GEOLSCI 42]


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Former Student

"TAKE THIS COURSE! George is such a wonderful instructor. I have never had a professor who cares so much about his students' learning. We visited so many beautiful beaches and sites throughout the quarter and it honestly made fall quarter so much more enjoyable than it would have been. I would take it again in a heartbeat... I just wish there were more classes like this offered at Stanford because that would make my undergraduate experience so much more enjoyable."

Former Student

"I wanted to gain a better understanding and strengthen my general knowledge of the landscape and history of the geography and topography of the Bay Area. What I got out of it was so much more -- not only did I achieve my learning goal and now can discuss several observations we saw in each week's field trip, but the class was even more amazing... Really rare to get a course as intimate as this one at Stanford, and George is hands down the most understanding and approachable professor I've had at Stanford. So glad I took this class!"

Former Student

"A lot of what you learn is applicable to where you might visit elsewhere and helps you understand Earth interactions on land and sea."

Former Student

"If you have the space in your schedule and the desire to learn more about the area, TAKE THE COURSE. George is a fantastic instructor and you will learn to see the land in new ways. It is an excellent course... This course was absolutely amazing and I'm very glad to have taken it."