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Geochemistry & Environmental Chemistry

Geochemistry & Environmental Chemistry

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Geochemistry is the science that uses the tools and principles of chemistry to explain the mechanisms behind major geological systems such as the Earth's crust and its oceans. Environmental chemistry is the scientific study of the chemical and biochemical phenomena that occur in natural places.

Geochemistry & Environmental Chemistry Faculty

Page Chamberlain

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and of Earth System Science
Wendy Mao

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, of Photon Science and, by courtesy, of Geophysics
Ayla Pamukcu

Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and, by courtesy, of Geophysics

Classes in Geochemistry & Environmental Chemistry:

Chemistry of the Earth and Planets  (EPS 2 - Former GEOLSCI 2) Chemistry of the Earth and Planets Couse Description: Introduction to chemical principles with an emphasis on applications in the Earth Sciences. Topics include the origin and distribution of the elements in the solar system and on Earth, the origin and structure of the Earth, its oceans, and atmosphere; crystal chemistry, structure, and transformations; predicting and balancing reactions; thermodynamics, phase diagrams, high temperature and aqueous geochemistry, weathering, isotope geochemistry, and organic geochemistry. Students will also be exposed to analytical methods used in the Earth sciences. Change of Department Name: Earth & Planetary Sciences (Formerly Geological Science)

Terms: Aut | Units: 3 | UG Reqs: WAY-SMA | Repeatable 3 times (up to 9 units total)