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Want to learn about how diamond samples provide clues for geologists to understand the Earth's deep interior and the origins of the solar system?

Spring Quarter

In Diamonds!, topics include the history of diamonds as gemstones, along with their prospecting and mining -- and their often tragic politics. Diamond's unique materials properties and efforts in synthesizing diamonds. Taught by Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Photon Science Wendy Mao.  [GEOLSCI 40N]


See what others have said about this seminar. Freshman welcome!

Former Student

"I learned more than I EVER EVER imagined. I learned how to look at our world from a different angle. I am now conscious of things that I can no longer pretend to be ignorant of. This class certainly changed my perspective of the world, geology, policy, international politics, etc. The list is extensive, and it is merely a testament to how much I gained from this course. I feel that my work with gems, policy has just begun and it is exciting to pinpoint where that spark was created."

Former Student

"Wendy is a wonderful instructor. This is a really great class to begin learning about geology and scientific processes. As a novice to this, I felt like I learned a lot from start to finish."

Former Student

"A fantastic way to fill the SMA requirement. Wendy is a wonderful professor who is very engaged with students and makes the material fun."

Former Student

"I loved it! I learned a lot about diamonds and I now have a new view towards them. I would recommend this class to everyone."