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Our Dynamic West

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California is deforming beneath our feet!

Want to learn more? This course gives you the tools you’ll need to understand our planet and make a positive impact on our future. 

Spring Quarter

The western U.S. is a broad region of active deformation driven by plate tectonics and processes in the underlying crust and mantle. It is a classic study region for all types of faulting and deformation. This class couples an overview of the tectonics and geodynamics of the west with hands-on map, cross-section and field-based labs collecting your own data on deformation, while providing the tools and knowledge to chart, measure, analyze and interpret that data. An introductory understanding of how the earth deforms will give you a working knowledge of why we have earthquakes, the hazards posed by faulting and active tectonics, and a framework in which to understand the geologic setting of natural resources.

Taught by Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Elizabeth Miller. [GEOLSCI 110]