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Co-Evolution of Earth and Life

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How have geological processes maintained Earth’s habitability over billions of years? What does all that mean for today? How does the present biodiversity crisis compare to past mass extinction events?

Fall Quarter

In Coevolution of Earth and Life, you will find some the answers-- and, more importantly, how we can learn the answers! The class meets major requirements in both Earth Systems and Earth and Planetary Sciences. Taught by Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Andrew Leslie. [GEOLSCI/EARTHSYS 4]


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Former Class Participant

"Take this course! Even if you are not planning on being an Earth Systems major this course is important to understand why we are here and where we are probably going in the future."


Former Class Participant

"Jon Payne is a great professor and the content of the course is very interesting. It provides an overview of different geological topics, with a more in depth discussion of mass extinction events (which are really cool to learn about!"


Former Class Participant

"Highly recommend! Jon is an incredibly enthusiastic & compelling teacher. It's not a lot of work but I still feel like I've learned a ton."